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Name: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Nickname: When I was still an amateur and had just begun focusing on music, I used to write my name as "YmoH.S"

Occupation: Composer and Producer, and Founder of Basiscape Co., Ltd.

Hobbies/Interests: Horses, Games (especially FPS), Building PCs! Messing around with instruments!

Residence: Tokyo

Birthplace: Tokyo

Birthdate: February 26th, 1969

Music Influences: Y.M.O.

Favorite Game Music Works: Whatever is the latest one

Personal Opinion of Best Works (released on CD):
My latest one (To be announced)

My biggest contribution to Video Game Music:
Vagrant Story

My biggest contribution to non-Video Game Music:
I haven't worked on non Video Game Music so far, but I would like to make an effort in contributing in this area.

Future Ambitions:
To drink a whole magnum bottle in one go (I'm currently training)

Work History:
1987 ~ Started making games as a volunteer with friends
1989 ~ Began freelance work
1998 ~ Hired at Square
2000 ~ Resigned from Square
2004 ~ And we arrive at today (laughs)

Current Works:
The only thing I'm working on right now that's been announced to the media is Final Fantasy XII. But in addition, I'm involved in 7 other game and CD projects.

Brief introduction and history:
I've been a computer, games and music geek since I was little. I'm what a young boy like that becomes after 25 years. Please remember that if you are raising children. (laughs)

Message to overseas fans:
Hello everyone,
I've been planning to release an album(s) of my older works that were never released on CD with the original sounds and arrangements. If you're interested, please be patient and keep checking this website and my company website.

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